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Payments - FAQLast updated on 06/07/2022

General Payments FAQ

What are your rates?

How do I make sure that no debit blocks are in place in my bank account?

Will payments processed in Mobile be visible from the Office?

What is the purpose of batching, posting, and exporting payments?

Will refunds / voided transactions export to QuickBooks?

What if I misplaced my login info for ServiceTitan SmartPay or ServiceTitan Gateway?

What do all these different transaction statuses on my SmartPay homepage mean?

Credit Card Reader - Headphone Jack Dynamo

Which devices are compatible with the swiper?

How do I use the credit card swiper?

What happens if my swiper breaks?

How do I plug in the credit card swiper?

Why isn’t my swiper working? (basic troubleshooting)

Credit Card Reader - BBPOS Chipper 2x BT

Which devices are compatible with the swiper?

How do I use the EMV reader?

What if my device is defective?

Why isn't my swiper working?

Can I use the EMV swipers if I am based out of Canada?

ServiceTitan Payments - Credit Cards

What if a customer wants to use their stored credit card / bank account to make a payment?

Do credit cards need to have a matching location address and billing address?

Where can I see reports of my batches for credit cards?

What if a customer wants to update their stored credit card information?

What if a credit card payment is declined?

How do I void and refund transactions?

Membership Renewal Protection

Which cards will get updated?

How do I know which cards were updated?

How does ServiceTitan know which customer credit cards need to be updated?

Can I choose which customer credit cards get updated?

Are there any additional fees to use this feature?

Does Membership Renewal Protection update stolen or lost credit cards?

ServiceTitan Payments - Checks

What is the difference between ACH and Mobile Check Capture?

What kind of checks can I use mobile check capture for?

What is the difference between a returned transaction and a declined transaction?

Why can't I refund certain transactions?

Will I know whether a check has returned immediately (due to insufficient funds, account closure, etc.)?

When are my check transactions batched and filed?

When are funds deposited to my account?

Do checks need to be endorsed (signing the back side) when using Mobile Check Capture?

If we have a picture of the check do we need to hang on to the physical check? What if the routing/account number has been keyed in?