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Membership add-on tasks FAQLast updated on 09/12/2022

Why can’t I see membership add-on tasks when I’m trying to add them to a Mobile invoice?

Why can’t I see any membership add-on tasks when I’m trying to use them on an invoice in ServiceTitan?

Is there a way to show individual line item pricing for each add-on when I’m viewing the print invoice?

For Deferred Revenue memberships, can I add the positive and negative tasks to the Recurring Service invoice template by the Pricebook Add additional tasks to the __ recurring service invoice template add-on workflow?

How can I adjust or partially refund a deferred revenue membership bundle sale if the customer decides they don’t want the add-ons after the invoice is already exported?

How can technicians sell add-ons to edit existing memberships?

Why does a membership renewal invoice include the add-on from the original sale?

Why are add-ons automatically created when I add a new sale membership to an invoice for a customer that has never had a membership with us before?

Why can’t I delete the recurring service with the Delete icon on the customer’s Edit Membership page?

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