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Marketing - FAQLast updated on 10/13/2022

Marketing Pro

Should I email people who I have not done business with and who have not opted in to emails?

Can I upload HTML code to Marketing Pro?

Can I schedule automated emails?

Can agencies sign in to use Marketing Pro?

Why do campaign names have to be short?

If I have an active campaign with a name longer than 60 characters, do I need to rename it?

Does ServiceTitan Marketing Pro integrate with my current marketing software?

How does ServiceTitan Marketing handle customers who unsubscribe?

Can customers email me back?

Can I track emails I sent to customers?

If a customer has more than one email address in their customer record, can I choose which email address receives my marketing content?

Can I send marketing content to multiple email addresses that belong to the same customer?

If a customer is on the do not mail list, will they receive a marketing email?

What happens when a customer clicks the unsubscribe link in one of my marketing emails?

How do I resubscribe customers to my marketing content?

What happens if a customer labels one of my marketing emails spam?

If a customer email is added to the suppression list, can I remove it?

What happens if you set an automated campaign to keep sending until "X" happens, but also set the days for subsequent emails in a sequence?

How can I send an email template I created in Marketing Pro to one-off customer who booked a job only once?

Can my logo be larger than 400x400 pixels?

Does my logo have to be a square?

How can I manage campaign tracking phone numbers in ServiceTitan for pre-existing marketing campaigns that used only one tracking phone number?

Can I mail to a lead list?

Do you sell mailing lists?

How much do you charge to get Marketing Pro-Direct Mail?

Can I get Marketing Pro - Direct Mail but not get Marketing Pro - Reputation?

Do you offer price breaks for sending large quantities of mail?

What types of direct mail formats do you offer?

Does direct mail really work?

Can I track attributed revenue with direct mail?

Can I personalize my direct mail postcards using merge tags?

Can I schedule my mail to deliver at a later date?

Can I send a sample postcard or test to myself?

Can I upload my own created postcard? Or can I edit direct mail templates?

Can I cancel a mailing after it has been sent?

How long does it take to deliver direct mail?

Will I be notified when my pieces are delivered to homes?

Do I get charged for mail that has been returned to me?

Who should I call if I have concerns regarding my direct mail campaign?

What are the specs for printed pieces?

Can I pre-populate the return address so that I have to enter it once or do I have to enter it each time?

Will we be notified when an address comes in invalid/not verified?

If a person has moved and is not living at home, the mail piece gets sent back. Is there an option to put  “Current Resident”?