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Job booking guideLast updated on 03/22/2022

Sales and install jobs

We need to book a sales call to provide an estimate to a customer.

A sales technician went on a sales call and made the sale.

A sales technician sells a job and can immediately do the install.

A sales technician went on a sales call but did not make the sale.

We need daily invoices for accounting purposes.

We need to track forms on each job.

We need to book a multi-trade installation. We have one business unit working on the job for three days, and a different business unit doing two days of work.

A multi-day installation involving the same business unit and job type.

A sales technician goes to an A/C repair and instead sells a new system.

Managed and non-managed technicians

A non-managed technician is dropping off materials and setting up the job site, before your lead installer arrives for the day.

A non-managed technician is going to deliver a part to an install crew who’s already at the job.

A customer calls in to schedule a one-day install from a sold estimate that will require two managed technicians.

A managed technician goes out on an install. On the same day, another managed technician swings by to help for a couple of hours.

Special order parts

A service call requires a special part to be ordered.

Recalls, warranties and leads

You want to measure technician performance in generating leads.

A technician identifies an opportunity while on a job for a different trade.

A technician is sent to an old job to replace a part that is under warranty.

A technician goes to a job where one of your technicians had previously done work because the customer called to say the issue hadn't been fully resolved.

Other situations

A recurring commercial service that takes multiple days to complete.

We need to invoice our customer for each day of work completed on a job.

The customer needs to cancel temporarily, and we don't want to lose all of the items on the invoice.

We want to be able to keep track of the material installed and who installed it for each day of work on a multi-day job.

We went to do annual maintenance for a customer and found that something was wrong with the unit, so we need to go back to do a service call.

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