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Inventory and Purchase Orders FAQLast updated on 03/01/2023

Purchase orders

How can I create and track purchase orders?

Can I edit purchase orders in Pending status?

I have the ability to edit purchase orders and my purchase order is still pending but it is not allowing me to edit the job number. Why can’t I edit the Job number on a pending PO?

Can I edit purchase orders in Sent or Partially Received status?

How can I receive a purchase order?

How can I cancel a purchase order?

Why am I no longer able to edit purchase orders that are in Sent status?

Can I add or edit job purchase orders even after the invoice is exported?

Does the quantity count decrease in the inventory location once the purchase order (PO) is received?

Will I have double job costing if I add an item to a purchase order (PO) when the PO is fully received?

Why should I set up General Ledger Account Mapping in Inventory Configuration > Purchasing?


Can I edit the item’s receipts?

Can I cancel the item’s receipt?


How can I return an item to my vendor?

Can I edit returns?

Can I cancel returns?


Why don’t all of my vendors show up in the Pricebook?

What happened to the previous materials Cost field?

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