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Google Local Service Ads (GLSA) - FAQLast updated on 09/09/2022

Google Guarantee

Do I need to have Google Guarantee to use Local Services Ads instant booking?

What is my status in the Google Guarantee process?

What if one of my technician’s doesn’t pass a background check? Does the whole business fail?

What if I add a new technician after I received the Google Guarantee?

How can I find out if the booking Local Services Ads feature is enabled in my market?

Does Google have phone support if I have questions?

How can I reassure my employees that their personal information used for the background checks is safe on Google?

What if I requested background checks for my employees but one of them stopped working for my company while the check is still in process, how can I notify Google?

Why does Google require an occasional recertification?

How do we update our certificate of insurance after I’ve been Google Guaranteed?

Who covers the cost of the background checks?

What types of offenses does the background check cover in the US?

Local Services Ads Best Practices and Costs

How are the Local Services Ads different from Google Services Ads?

Does Google aggregate my billing for Local Services Ads and Google AdWords?

What qualifies as a relevant location for Local Services?

What does it cost for the leads?

When do I get charged for the leads?

Does Local Services Ads integration work for me if I have many Google Local Services locations?

What prevents my competitors from spamming me with fake leads?

What is the expected turnaround time for Google to respond to disputed leads?

How can I receive more leads if I have a Local Services Ads account but I can’t see my budget close to maxed out?

Why does my Google Guarantee sometimes disappear and reappear?

What is a qualified lead and what is not?

Will responsiveness still be important with booking leads?

How do customers leave a review on my Local Services Ads profile? Do they receive a link?

Where can I go to upload photos on my Local Services Ads profile?

Can I port my GMB reviews to my Local Services Ads profile?

Do reschedules impact a customer’s ranking?

How does Google charge for leads?

Does my Google Local Services Ads budget include calls, instant booking, and messaged leads?

Google My Business

How can I report issues with fraudulent businesses in Google Maps or Google My Business?

How is Local Services Ads different from Google My Business?

ServiceTitan integration

How can I manage my capacity and schedule in ServiceTitan so I don’t miss out on leads?

Does Google Local Services instant booking integration work with Open Capacity?

What if I use business hours without Adjustable Capacity Planning (ACP)?

What if I turn off the integration in ServiceTitan, does it automatically pause my ads?

Do I have to pay extra charges for the integration in ServiceTitan?

Can I request reviews in ServiceTitan or do I have to do it from Google?

How do you suggest dispatchers work with the instant booking functionality to dispatch the right technician to the right job?

How do we port our Google phone number into ServiceTitan?