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Estimates and Sales - FAQLast updated on 02/27/2023

Can I create estimates from the office?

If I create estimates from the office, can technicians present them in ServiceTitan Mobile?

How do I see who created an estimate or who added items to an estimate?

How do I enter Sold by credit when an estimate is sold from the office? Who can get credit?

How do I edit the Sold by technician on an invoice?

Can you email or print estimates in ServiceTitan Mobile?

What if I sell an estimate in the office but the customer needs to get back to me about scheduling?

What if I sell an estimate while on the phone and the customer wants to schedule right away?

What if the customer passes entirely and decides they don’t want to do the work at all?

Why should I bother dismissing opportunities?

How do I delete an estimate?

How do technicians use proposal templates in ServiceTitan Mobile?

Can technicians edit estimates included in a proposal template?

How can I view a sold estimate from the office?

Presenting and selling estimates in ServiceTitan Mobile

What if the estimate doesn’t sell? What if the customer simply needs more time?

Can the office see the estimates I create?

I tapped Perform work now by accident. What do I do?

Can I perform work for multiple estimates sold on one job?

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