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Dispatch Board FAQLast updated on 01/26/2023

Why are some of my technicians missing from the Dispatch Board on a previous date?

How do I group my technicians on the Dispatch Board?

How can I hide a technician on the Dispatch Board?

How can I get colored dots next to my technicians?

Why isn’t my technician in the right location on the Dispatch Board map?

How can I text my technician?

Why is my multi-day appointment missing from the Dispatch Board?

Does the Business Unit filter on the Dispatch Board filter by a technician’s Business Unit or Job Business Unit?

Do all jobs appear on the Dispatch Board map?

How often does the Dispatch Board refresh?

How do I stop technicians from receiving dispatch texts and emails?

Why doesn't the total cancellation number on the Dashboard match the cancellation number on the Dispatch Board?

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