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Configurable Payroll FAQLast updated on 10/24/2022

How is Configurable Payroll different from regular performance pay?

How does Configurable Payroll work with my previous payroll settings? Do I need to turn off my old settings?

What reports do you run for Configurable Payroll?

Why can't I click Continue to Date to Pay On after I configured my pay calculation?

I set ranges for my pay calculation. Why can't I continue?

When I click Test Profile for my pay profile, I see results. Why don't I see results when I run the Master Pay File?

Payroll Profiles

Does Configurable Payroll work for both technicians and employees?

Can I set rules for timesheet pay?

Can technicians be assigned to more than one payroll profile?

Can I create commissions or bonuses based on discounts and fees?

What happens if a payroll profile is set up with a conflicting pay rule?

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