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Appointments - FAQ Last updated on 01/10/2023


What is an appointment?

What are the benefits of appointments?

Do I have to use appointments?

Can appointments on the same job have different business units or job types?

I don't see the button to add appointments.

Why can’t I add an appointment to a job when the job is still in a scheduled status?

Do appointments make projects obsolete?

Do appointments have their own job number?

Do appointments generate their own invoices?

Managing appointments

How do I create an appointment?

Can you schedule appointments that overlap?

How far in advance should I schedule appointments on a job?

If a job will require technicians to go out at different times, should I book my appointments all at once?

Can I remove an appointment from a job?

Why can’t I delete an appointment from my job?

How do I reschedule an appointment or change its duration?

Can you hold appointments?

Why do we have an alert stating the job was finished early?

Why are appointments disappearing from my Dispatch Board?

Can I require a form for each time an appointment starts or finishes?

Can I require forms for a specific appointment?

How will technicians find forms on appointments?

Can you add notes for a technician on an appointment?

Are purchase orders (POs) attached to an appointment?

Are visit confirmations and reminder notifications sent per job or per appointment?

What if I have already batched, posted, and exported an invoice but need to book additional appointments?

Why can’t I mark the last appointment on a job done?

Why is an additional appointment automatically created on my job?

How will I know when a technician has requested an additional appointment?

What should I do when a technician requests an additional appointment?

Payroll and timesheets

How are timesheets calculated with appointments?

How are splits calculated?

If our payroll periods are bi-weekly and we have a job with appointments that lasts 2 months, do we need to set up different jobs for each pay period?

Assigning and dispatching technicians

So are technicians dispatched and working on appointments or jobs?

Do I have to assign a technician to each appointment I schedule?

Do I have to fill out job information twice? Once for the job and once for the appointment?

Do I have to assign the same technician to every appointment on a job?

How do I reassign appointments to different technicians?

Can office employees dispatch, arrive, and complete appointments?

Can technicians dispatch, arrive, and complete jobs themselves?

What happens to a job when I dispatch a technician?

How can I tell if a job has multiple appointments from the Dispatch Board?

What should I expect to see in the Job Tray?

Are managed technicians required on each appointment?

What if I send a helper to a job and he leaves before a managed technician arrives?

Can I send a helper out using an appointment on an install job?