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Adjustable Capacity Planning (ACP) FAQLast updated on 01/24/2023

Adjustable Capacity Planning

What is Adjustable Capacity Planning (ACP)?

How do I set up ACP?

How do I use ACP?

What does the percentage mean that appears on the arrival windows after clicking Get Availability?

Where can I view my company’s current overall capacity for the week?

Do all my technicians need to be assigned to a business unit in order to use ACP?

Do all my technicians need to have technician shifts set up in order to use ACP?

What should I do if ACP availability looks incorrect?

Why don’t I see the breakdown of availability per arrival window on the Capacity Planning Board?

Do unassigned jobs deduct availability in ACP?

Does ACP integrate with the Web Appointment Scheduler?

Does ACP integrate with HomeAdvisor?

Does ACP integrate with Google Local Service Ads?

Why doesn't my arrival window selection persist after clicking Select Window on the call booking screen?

How do Automatic Adjustments work?

Do Arrival Window Restrictions work with ACP?

Why do I see the message “Your administrator has not enabled capacity planning for this Business Unit. Please select an arrival window manually” when I click Get Availability”?

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