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Accounting - FAQLast updated on 03/02/2023

How do I get to the Accounting screen?

What is batching and posting?

How do I navigate between unbatched and batched invoices?

Can I unbatch an invoice once it's batched?

How can I find and open an unposted batch?

How do I find a posted batch?

Can I unpost a batch?

Can I rename a batch?

Can I delete a batch?

How to add a payment to an exported invoice?

Can I pay out a commission or spiff on chargeable materials?

Can I see past statements sent to a customer?

Can I see past invoice PDFs sent to a customer?

Can I have a blank payment term?

I can’t seem to change my payment term on my invoice or bill. Why?

Can I create a term directly from an invoice or bill?

Can I change my payment term or due date on my invoice after I’ve exported the invoice to my accounting software?

Can I change the batch number on an exported invoice?

Why are my invoices not showing up in the batch?

How can I bypass exporting a batch?

How can I confirm a batch has bypassed?

What can I do if my batch is not exporting?

I can’t batch $0 invoices, what can I do to batch these invoices?

When bulk emailing invoices, what does Include all attachments mean?

What should I do if the technician on the invoice is no longer working at my company?

When does customer balance update?

Why can’t I export a $0 invoice with no tasks on it?

Why can’t I see the revenue from my open job on the Dashboard?

Why can't I see my completed job’s revenue on the Dashboard?

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